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We are introducing a unique Water Purifier with the proud name of EUROFOBES. The necessity of which has been felt for a long time. EUROFOBES Water Tech Pvt. Ltd. is a name well known in the manufacturing of water purification and filtration equipment. Our range addresses to the needs and requirements of Pure water which is free form all type of contaminations at your Residence as well as work place.

Customer Support

For all your queries, do call us on 011-65970777. Our Customer Care Specialist will call on you to resolve any issue that you might be facing with your Eurofobes Water Tech Pvt. Ltd. Product or service.

Our Vision & Mission

To be the leader in our business which is so vital to people's lives and the environment. To help people be healthy while being the top most consumer-centric company in India.

One stop for technical support

Since Eurofobes Water Tech Pvt. Ltd. designs its purifiers and many of its parts; they are a truly integrated system. And only Eurofobes Water Tech Pvt. Ltd. Care provides one-stop service and support from Eurofobes Water Tech Pvt. Ltd. experts.

Our Core Focus

To be at the forefront in providing best water treatment solutions in India. To drive innovation through technological advancement & R&D.


We always try to bring new technology in market & innovate at every aspect of our dealing to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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We're always happy to hear from you and there are various ways you can contact us. Please choose an option below that meets your needs.


Who We Are

Since 2008, Eurofobes  is a trusted brand in the field of RO Water Purifier & Spare Parts for its Quality Products & Services. With over 8 Years of experience in understanding real time Consumer need.
Eurofobes Water Tech Pvt. Ltd. is a new member in The Eurofobes Group of companies which bears ISO 9001:2008 Certification.
The water purifier division is having its own manufacturing Unit in Delhi with modern assembly line, printing, Packaging, Facility and test Lab.
We have set up a research Lab to discover something new every year.
We have a team of the Gem from water purifier industry who are dedicate to provide above the international level product & services.